Equilac relieves psoriasis from the inside out

Equilac has brought relief to thousands of people in Europe for over a decade, sometimes with remarkable results! Finally, the highly concentrated mare's milk capsules are available to US residents, as well!

Feel comfortable in your own skin again

Psoriasis is the number one autoimmune disease in the United States, with as many as 7.5 million Americans suffering from it, vastly impacting their lives not only on a physical level, but on an emotional one as well.

Many people don't realize how mentally devastating this disease can be, with many psoriasis patients suffering from depression because they're afraid to go out, of what other might think of them...

If you feel that you've tried everything already and nothing so far has been able to reduce your symptoms of psoriasis, then the Equilac capsules and their highly concentrated extract of mare's milk might just be the natural alternative you've been wanting to discover.

Skin problems are caused under the skinSkin problems are caused under the skin
Equilac works from the inside outEquilac works from the inside out
Equilac relieves and soothes the symptomsEquilac relieves and soothes the symptoms

The only intelligent way of battling psoriasis is from the inside out

Sadly, even today many people suffering from psoriasis are still prescribed the same, harmful cortisone ointments. Sure, they work at first...

But the longer they are used, the more tolerant you get to them. Before you know it, you're using way too much, to the point where it's no longer healthy. In the long run, too much cortisone will actually damage the skin by making it thinner, further weaken your immune system, and eventually cause liver and kidney damage.

Think about it... Why would you use a topical balm as a primary means of treating a condition that originates from under your skin? Why not fight it from the inside out, and think of creams only as an extra line of support to find quick, short-term relief?

Lactoferrin is the key for psoriasis relief in mare's milk

Equilac capsules are based almost entirely on concentrated mare's milk, which is high on the anti-inflammatory protein lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin is the main ingredient in mother's milk, as well. We've all heard that mother's milk is much better for a newborn child than regular milk. That's because lactoferrin has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its main function is to help babies fight infection during the most fragile period of their lives.

Lactoferrin also has been proven to be beneficial for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders and autoimmune diseases. Besides mother's milk, mare's milk is the only product with such high concentrations of lactoferrin!

Results without side-effects

Equilac is suited for both children (from the age of 4) and adults. It is not a drug, but rather a safe dietary supplement without side effects. We advise our customers to take two capsules a day for at least three months in succession. Improvements are usually noticeable after 2 to 6 weeks. Our 90-day non-satisfactory guarantee allows you to test Equilac risk-free and see what it can do for you.

Extra support with Equilac Sensitive Body Cream


Supporting the Equilac Capsules is the Equilac Sensitive Body Cream, which significantly reduces damage to your skin, even during or after an outburst. Its high concentration of mare's milk, enriched with aloe vera and calendula restores, calms and nourishes your skin. It does not contain any perfume, parabens or alcohol, and works best when combined with the Equilac capsules.

Both the Equilac capsules - for long term treatment - and the supportive body cream - for short term relief - contain all-natural products. No harmful substances like cortisone!

Why you have nothing to lose besides your psoriasis discomforts

Because Equilac has already helped so many psoriasis patients in the past, and because we are so confident in our product, we always offer a 90-day money back guarantee to all of our clients that don't experience any progress after trying our unique combination of highly concentrated mare's milk capsules and supportive body cream.

Besides your itchiness and suffering... What have you got to lose? Discover firsthand what Equilac can do for you! Let your skin sigh a breath of relief by ordering your 3-month pack of Equilac today for just $120 (that's only $1.33 per day!). Improve your results by combining the Capsules with the Equilac Sensitive Body Cream. Order now and find out how Equilac protects your sensitive skin.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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